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68-key Beige Mechanical Keyboard


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【Compact 68-Key Layout, Space-Saving Design】
The 68-key beige mechanical keyboard boasts a compact layout that occupies less desk space, creating a more organized workspace. Although it has fewer keys, it retains full functionality to meet the requirements of day-to-day work and gaming.


【Elegant Beige, Vintage Style】
The simple beige hue combined with a splendid mechanical construction evokes a cozy, vintage feel. This keyboard is not just a tool for efficient typing but also a fine piece of desktop decor.


【High-Performance Mechanical Switches, Excellent Tactile Feedback】
Equipped with high-quality mechanical switches, the 68-key beige mechanical keyboard delivers steady and consistent keystroke feedback. Each press is met with a distinct actuation point, ensuring every entry is accurate and providing the joy of a genuine mechanical typing experience.