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Ultra-portable Wireless Keyboard


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【Ultra-Portable, Work Anywhere With Ease】
Our ultra-portable wireless keyboard, with its lightweight size and powerful wireless capabilities, breaks the spatial constraints of traditional office settings. Whether it’s at a café, in a meeting room, or in any mobile office scenario, easily unfold and plug in for a consistently efficient work experience.


【Wireless Connectivity, Clutter-Free Desk】
Utilizing cutting-edge Bluetooth technology for stable and swift connections, it frees your desk from the clutter of wires. Compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, it ensures efficiency and convenience when switching between multiple platforms.


【Long Battery Life, Your Uninterrupted Work Companion】
The built-in high-capacity battery maintains long-lasting power, reducing the hassles of frequent charging. The energy-saving sleep mode automatically activates during inactivity, prolonging the keyboard’s lifespan and ensuring you’re always ready to work.